Welch Allyn president discusses company's performance since acquisition

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Source: WOC Journal

SKANEATELES — Hill-Rom Senior Vice President and Welch Allyn President Alton Shader drew a sizable crowd to his presentation at the Skaneateles Historical Society Museum at the Creamery Tuesday, Jan. 24.

The Los Angeles native and Stanford University graduate said he, his wife and their two children have happily settled into the Skaneateles community.

“It's been absolutely fantastic,” Shader said. “Really enjoy the community, love the work, but even more so the community and how easy its been to integrate my family, my wife, my kids. They are really enjoying their time here."

In his introduction, Historical Society Board member David Miller said Welch Allyn's generosity was a large part of what made the historical society's Museum at the Creamery possible.

Shader said the company will continue to be involved in central New York in the same philanthropic manner of the Allyn family. Welch Allyn is already on track spending-wise in the community at large as when it was operated by the Allyn family.

In the 16 months since Hill-Rom acquired Welch Allyn — and, yes, the name will remain Welch Ally, Shader said — how are things going?

“The short answer is things are going pretty well,” Shader said.

He explained that Hill-Rom actually started as a family-owned hospital bed manufacturer in Batesville, Indiana. The company is acquiring specific medical supplies manufacturing companies to build a portfolio to satisfy more of the market worldwide. 

Welch Allyn — whose customer base is 50 percent physician offices — brings this base to Hill-Rom, where the focus was in the hospital patients rooms and surgical rooms. 

Beyond recognizing the same dedication to philanthropy, Hill-Rom and Welch Allyn share the same core values. The Welch Allyn team was easily able to embrace this, which meant there wasn't a huge disruption that can often take place during an acquisition.

Now, Welch Allyn is the top performer in Hill-Rom's portfolio of companies, while Welch Allyn also had its best year ever.

Working in a teamwork environment, Hill-Rom's focus is for patients and caregivers to make their lives easier. And, like the Allyn family, it takes its work seriously with an intention to innovate and differentiate its products. 

“If our products don't operate effectively, people can die,” Shader said.

Speaking on products, he outlined the operation of several Welch Allyn devices, including wireless vital sign monitors that can send information directly to one's medical record.

He discussed Welch Allyn's focus on high-tech screening products, such as a Spot Vision Screener for children as young as 6 months old that can pick up eye issues at an early age that were previously missed. 

"This is groundbreaking technology that can be used in schools, Lions Clubs and doctors offices," Shader said.

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