UB ranks in top seventh of Best Colleges For Your Money list

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Source: WIVB

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Money Magazine released their 2017 edition of Best Colleges For Your Money, and ranking in the top 100 is the University at Buffalo.

The SUNY school beat out more than 600 other colleges on the list, ranking at 98.

The school, which has roughly 30,000 students, consists of three campuses.

“While UB’s home city of Buffalo has a reputation for some legendary snowfalls, the university is quick to point out that it also enjoys, ‘The sunniest and driest summers of any major city in the Northeast, as well as ‘Crisp, comfortable autumns that produce some of the Northeast’s most vibrant foliage,'” Money wrote.

60 percent of students who apply to the school get accepted, Money says.

The estimated full price of attending school there every year is $27,300, with 57 percent of students receiving grants. 49 percent of students receive need-based grants, Money says.

According to Money, the average salary of a UB grad, within five years, is $48,200, and the average student has $15,000 in debt.

The school that came in at number one on the Money list was Princeton University in New Jersey.

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