Today's Topline - 4/28/20

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

Good Tuesday morning:

As pressure mounts to reopen the economy, a consensus has emerged: in the absence of a vaccine, widespread testing is a prerequisite to easing lockdown restrictions.  In most of the world, testing is the province of national governments.  The Trump Administration yesterday embarked on a different approach, ceding testing to the states.  As Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports, “the administration has steadfastly resisted calls to nationalize the production and distribution of coronavirus test kits, and the plan Mr. Trump unveiled on Monday reiterated that stance, making clear that the states are still primarily responsible for testing and Washington is the ‘supplier of last resort.’”  The “US response” to the pandemic will likely be 50 separate responses, perhaps coordinated by states on a regional basis.

This week, two MedTech members will be offering their insights on the coronavirus pandemic and opportunities for the bio/med industry to partner with one another.  This morning at 9:00, Irfan Kahn, MD, founder of Circuit Clinical, will be the guest on the “Breakfast Series” hosted by our friends at New York BIO.  Circuit Clinical is an Integrated Research Organization headquartered in Buffalo that brings clinical trials access to more than 1 million patients.  Irfan is a passionate and compelling speaker.  We encourage you to register for this event.

On Thursday, Syracuse University’s Blackstone Launchpad will host its first ever Campus-Community Innovation Town Hall.   This will be a terrific opportunity for the academic, business, and innovation ecospheres to come together to learn from one another and find valuable connections.  We at MedTech are thrilled to participate in this event and urge you to join us.

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