The best places to work for medtech sales reps in 2022

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Source: MassDevice

Teleflex (NYSE:TFX), ConMed (NSDQ:CNMD) and Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) topped the list of best places to work in medtech sales in 2022, according to a survey of medical sales representatives.

The 11th annual MedReps survey polled over 2,300 MedReps professionals to determine which medtech sales companies are most sought-after in the industry.

Overall, pay and leadership were the most important considerations in an employer, followed closely by culture, according to the survey.

“Given the continued challenges medical sales reps faced in 2021, valuing leadership and culture in their place of work isn’t a surprise – and it’s important to recognize employers, like these companies on this list, that are doing much to support their employees,” MedReps CEO Josh Goodwin said in a news release. “We’re thrilled to highlight deserving employers to our community of medical sales professionals.”

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging was ranked as important or very important by 69% of survey respondents. They also reported that they value pay (97%), leadership (97%), culture (95%), career growth and development (94%), innovation/products (94%), reputation (91%), benefits (91%), flexible working hours (74%) and remote options (63%).

Women valued leadership and culture at a slightly higher rate than men and considered culture first, then leadership and pay, when choosing an employer. Women also placed more value on flexible working hours and remote options.

Men reported the most important consideration in an employer was innovation and a strong product pipeline. That was followed by pay, leadership, career growth and development and culture, according to the survey.

Here are the three medtech companies, in order of size, that received special mention in the report, along with Glassdoor quotations from past and present sales reps and other employees.


2. ConMed

Glassdoor rating: 3.9/5
78% would recommend to a friend.

“ConMed leaders put people first. We focus on each sales representatives’ unique strengths to coach them for success in serving our global customers and, in turn, their own career growth,” ConMed VP of global talent management Shaelie Lambarth said.

3. Medtronic

Glassdoor rating: 4.1/5
81% would recommend to a friend.

“Our industry leadership comes from the passion and ingenuity of our people,” Patty McPhee, VP of global talent and leadership development, said. “That is who we are. So, it is particularly gratifying that our mission-driven team of more than 90,000 employees worldwide has been singled out by this industry vote.”

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