Propelling New York Forward

Monday, May 11, 2020

Source: MedTech Association

MedTech members and friends:
At his daily briefing this morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled NY Forward: A Guide to Reopening New York & Building Back Better. This guide provides a blueprint for the regional reopening of some businesses as early as this Friday, May 15.  While many questions remain to be answered (and at MedTech, we’re working hard to answer them all), I thought it important to get this document into your hands as quickly as possible. 
We salute Governor Cuomo for his measured and data-driven response to this public health crisis.  MedTech members are in the business of saving lives and we understand the primacy of good information in making wise policy decisions.   That’s why we publish the COVID-19 Daily Update and why we’re proud to announce the launching of Propelling New York Forward, a series of interactive  conversations with business, government, and academic leaders about the bio/med industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and how we begin the process of restarting the state’s economy.  These virtual conversations – sponsored by leading companies such as RegeneronMPR and others -  will start at 2:00 pm next Thursday, May 21 and will continue weekly thereafter.   More detailed information will follow, but mark your calendar now; you won’t want to miss these talks.
To join as a sponsor, contact Joe Hunter.
Stay Informed.  Stay Safe.  Stay Ahead.

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