New Innovations Tackle Pressing Challenges Within the Healthcare Industry

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Source: PR Newswire

The entry of new competitors from outside the traditional healthcare industry is creating new competitive pressures as well as forcing established players to re-evaluate their business models and growth plans. Companies across all industries are assessing what value they can generate to help reduce soaring healthcare costs as well as alleviate pain and suffering for the world's rapidly aging population. Established healthcare and life sciences companies are witnessing their traditional business models challenged by disruptive technologies and competitors who are applying strategies borrowed from other industries.

This healthcare shift will be addressed at MEDTECH 2015, as Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare Consulting Group Director, Charlie Whelanhosts  "Tapping Into Creativity to Drive Growth" an interactive workshop and a panel discussion "Innovation & Technology Track: How to Play Nice with Others."

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