MedTech Association Creates Scholarship Program to Train Students in Medical Device Usage

Monday, September 22, 2014

MedTech Association, a trade association for bioscience and medical technology (Bio/Med) companies in New York State, announced at its MEDTECH 2014 conference Sept. 16 in Albany that, in celebration of their 10 year anniversary, the organization has formed a new partnership with Engineering World Health (EWH).

Founded in 2001, the nonprofit EWH collaborates with students to improve healthcare in developing countries.

MedTech is proud to announce a scholarship program for students who participate in the EWH Summer Institute, where students travel to a low-income country to use or repair medical products in the field at a hospital or clinic. This program develops high levels of resourcefulness and provides students with new insights for the healthcare industry. The scholarship is an annual matching grant of $3,750 from MedTech members, which helps to cover the cost of travel and lodging for a student’s participation in the program.

 MedTech members will also support EWH student volunteers though structured mentoring opportunities. Through this mentorship, students create product development opportunities and help medical facilities in countries like Nicaragua, Rwanda and Tanzania.

EWH works to harness the resources of collegiate engineering programs through a network of university-based chapters nationally and throughout New York State. Through MedTech’s extensive list of collegiate affiliates, EWH will broaden its footprint by developing chapters at local institutions. To date, chapters exist at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the University of Rochester and Cornell University and are working to be developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University at Buffalo.

“We are delighted with the connection to MedTech,” said Leslie Calman, CEO of EWH. “This helps us expand our reach to the outstanding university programs throughout New York State and many medical device providers and engineers who can help improve the state of healthcare services in countries that are in great need.”

Selected scholarship applicants are expected to work on EWH “Projects That Matter” with a company mentor and enter the EWH Design Competition with their chapter. Interested applicants must apply here by Feb. 6, 2015. More information for the EWH Summer Institute 2015 can be found here.


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