MedTech Announces Support for Competitiveness Agenda Released By AdvaMed

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SYRACUSE, NY – The Advanced Medical Technology Association released a set of policy recommendations last week aimed at sustaining America’s position as the world leader in medical technology innovation—an initiative strongly supported by MedTech, the hub of Upstate New York’s bioscience and medical technology industry.
The “Competitiveness Agenda” presents six policy initiatives that would make it easier for U.S. medical technology companies to develop and manufacture medical products. At present, without these public policies put in place, America’s leadership position is threatened by overseas competition and an insufficient regulatory system.
“Supporting more competitive incentives and investments in technology development, in addition to improving the U.S. regulatory environment, will significantly contribute to the Bio/Med industry’s economic vitality,” said Heather Erickson, president of MedTech and co-chair of AdvaMed’s national State Medical Technology Alliance. “Not only are there pressing federal issues, but we must also consider policies and regulations at the state level that will advance Bio/Med research, promote innovation and job creation, and improve public health.”
AdvaMed’s Competiveness Agenda contains six broad policy imperatives:
>      Innovation in the life sciences must be a government priority.
>      The FDA review process must be reformed in order to reduce total review times.
>      Payment policies of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers must support medical innovation and not penalize early adopters of new treatments and cures.
>      A vigorous trade policy must support export growth and provide a level playing field fro U.S.-based manufacturing.
>      Strategic tax policies to level the playing field must be implemented.
>      The American research and development infrastructure must be sustained and improved.
Sustaining a long-term partnership with AdvaMed, MedTech fully supports these policy recommendations as they coincide with advancing the Bio/Med industry and the ultimate vision that MedTech embraces for this industry in upstate New York. MedTech will address the subjects of competitiveness and collaboration at its 2011 annual conference in September. Along with its members, MedTech is working together with New York State legislators to further the potential of the Upstate Bio/Med industry for job creation and economic growth.
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