Medical Campus Official Says Buffalo is Ready for its Close-up

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Source: The Buffalo News

The Association of University Research Parks is a prestigious international group that represents major medical campuses and cutting-edge research centers. Cities compete to host its annual conference.

Patrick J. Whalen, a veteran, well-connected business executive who joined the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus as chief operating officer in 2008, thought: Why not bring it to Buffalo?

At first, top AURP officials laughed him off. Don’t bother trying, they said.

But Whalen was persistent. Working with his colleagues and Visit Buffalo Niagara, he convinced board members to come out to Buffalo, where they could see the city’s merits first-hand.


It’s the first of two conferences this fall that will put Buffalo and the Medical Campus in the spotlight. Later in October, the MedTech Association, which represents the state’s medical-device makers, will hold its annual conference at HarborCenter.

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