Loeb & Loeb Lifer Ken Florin To Become Chairman in February

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Source: Bloomberg Law

Loeb & Loeb’s Deputy Vice Chairman Ken Florin, a firm lifer, has been selected by the firm’s partners to take over as chairman when current chairman Michael Beck’s term expires in February 2018.

Florin, 50, has been involved in building the firm’s collection of New Economy boutique practices that range from social media and privacy through entertainment and financial technology.

After he joined the firm’s New York office as a summer associate in 1991, Florin never left. Loeb & Loeb, which is co-headquartered in Los Angeles and Manhattan, had about 150 lawyers at the time and now says it has 350 lawyers. After two years in which its revenue hovered around $245 million, the firm claims it had a breakout year with about 9.38 percent growth and $268 million in revenue in 2016.

Florin said he was among the first to see the overlap between social media and other new forms of communication with emerging technologies, and the entertainment world, which led him to create the firm’s Advanced Media & Technology Department across departmental lines. It played on the firm’s strength, which is collaboration, he said.

“Take the department I created, which is like a wheel with different spokes dedicated to advertising, technology, privacy, intellectual property, content and payments,” Florin said. “We can represent the client on any one spoke, but the secret sauce – what makes us unique – is we’re particularly strong where those spokes converge.”

He added, “We’ve been very conservative in expanding our number of offices. We never make big jumps. We don’t want to become a large mega-firm.”

Beck, who served as the firm’s co-chair with John Frankenheimer from 2004 through 2010 and as its solo chairman from that point on, will remain on Loeb’s board and compensation committee as Chair Emeritus.

As Florin moves from Deputy Chairman to Chair Elect, also stepping up in the succession pipeline are: Craig Emanuel and Mitchell Nussbaum as co-vice chairs; Laurie Ruckel to managing partner for the New York office; and Paul Severin to managing partner in Los Angeles.

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