iuvo BioScience Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Source: iuvo BioScience

iuvo BioScience is pleased to announce that the Company has added ISO 17025 accreditation to its certification, positioning the company for further growth of its laboratory services business. ISO 17025 is a globally-accepted quality standard that covers testing and calibration laboratories.

“This is a major addition to our quality program,” said iuvo BioScience CEO Ben Burton. “This was a top priority for iuvo over the last year, and we are pleased that the organization was able to achieve this milestone so quickly. Our priority is always on providing the highest level of customer service and scientific rigor, and this accreditation provides an added level of assurance for our customers.”

iuvo’s Manager of Quality and Regulatory Tom Rizzo added, “The 17025 accreditation provides further confirmation that our laboratory has a high level of technical competence and we continually produce precise and accurate test data.”

The full list of all accredited tests will be a part of the Company’s certificate which is available on the Company’s website here.

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