IIBMST Bio-Industry Breakfast Draws MedTech Members To Inaugural Conference

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SYRACUSE, N.Y.—MedTech members attended an invitation-only breakfast hosted at SUNY Upstate Medical Center on Wednesday morning in honor of the visiting delegation of the International Institute of the Biomedical Sciences and Technology (IIBMST) for its inaugural two-day conference.
More than 40 MedTech members were in attendance representing the corporate, research, and academic sectors of the bioscience and medical technology industry in Upstate New York.
"The IIBMST Bio-Industry Breakfast was a great opportunity for leaders in the Bio/Med industry to gather and connect with leading global research programs," said Heather Erickson, President of MedTech, the hub of Upstate New York’s Bio/Med industry.
Speakers at the breakfast included Dr. Charles Lin, Dean of the College of Medicine at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, and Dr. Oded Shmueli, Executive Vice President for Research at The Technion in Israel.
These two institutions have partnered with SUNY Upstate Medical University to co-found IIBMST, a collaborative, international research enterprise aimed at accelerating the development of novel biotech products, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic, stem cell and bioengineering applications.
"IIBMST is an engine for creating interdisciplinary teams of investigators to foster research in areas that affect human health locally and worldwide," said Dr. Steven R. Goodman, Vice President for Research and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at SUNY Upstate Medical University. "One of our major objectives is to create a more seamless pipeline between academic researchers and industry to produce products that will benefit mankind."
MedTech works with universities engaged in bioscience and biomedical engineering research to connect with Bio/Med companies and find applications for their research. "IIBMST brings wonderful new partnership opportunities to our community and our industry,” said Erickson. “MedTech is thrilled to have such a prestigious institute originate in our region.”
"It was our pleasure to work with MedTech on the IIBMST Bio-Industry Breakfast and we look forward to future collaborations to enhance academic-industry relations using IIBMST as a platform to accomplish this important goal," Goodman said.
MedTech is an active association of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical technology companies, their suppliers and service providers, and research universities. We boost the success and growth of our members and the bioscience and medical technology industry in Upstate New York through collaboration, information, education, advocacy and by trumpeting the story. Our mission is to develop the relationships, tools and programs that enable Upstate New York companies to bring tomorrow’s medical solutions to the healthcare marketplace. For more information, visithttp://www.medtech.org.    

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