Gov. Cuomo to Permanently Combine State-of-state and Budget Addresses; This Year's Set for Jan. 13

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Breaking with longstanding tradition, Gov. Cuomo is permanently merging his state-of-the-state and budget addresses.

Typically, governors gave their state-of-the-state addresses outlining their policy agenda on the first Wednesday of the new year, followed several weeks later by a budget address.

Cuomo merged the two last year out of necessity after his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, died on New Year's Day.

This year, he decided to keep it as one event that will be held Jan. 13.

"Frankly it made little sense to lay out a vision and then keep everyone in suspense for weeks on how you plan to pay for it," Cuomo said. "Just because that's the way we've always done it in Albany, isn't a good enough answer."

He's already teased major themes for the coming year, including addressing the growing homelessness problem in New York City, raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, considering possible changes to the Common Core curriculum and its impact on teacher evaluations, and imposing clean energy standards.

It's not the first time the governor has messed with tradition. The state of the state address for decades was delivered in the ornate Assembly chamber. Cuomo in his first year in office moved it to a larger but more generic state convention hall.

"This is a metaphor for how this administration has approached state government over the last five years: Reexamine everything, keep what works, and fix what doesn't in order to better serve New Yorkers," Cuomo said of the combined speeches.

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