Gorbel Medical Acquires StepRight LLC, Enhances SafeGait Solutions With Dynamic Balance Training Platform

Monday, October 24, 2016

Source: Physical Therapy Products

Gorbel Medical, a division of Gorbel Inc, has acquired StepRight LLC, manufacturer of the StepRight Stability System.

Victor, NY-based Gorbel Medical shares in a media release that the purchase of StepRight LLC helps it continue to provide new and innovative solutions for gait and balance rehabilitation.

“With the addition of StepRight to our Gorbel Medical business, we now have a complementary, unique offering for our SafeGait Solutions portfolio of rehabilitation devices,” explains Brian Reh, Gorbel president and CEO, in a media release. “The StepRight product is right in our sweet spot, and we’re excited to watch it improve the lives of patients and caregivers.”

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