GE/SUNY Poly Consortium Could One Day Build a Chip Fab

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Source: Times Union

The consortium set up by General Electric Co. and SUNY Polytechnic Institute to make silicon carbide power electronics chips could end up building a full-scale factory at some point if the program goes as planned.

Power electronics chips are used in all types of electronics, but silicon carbide is considered a better material than silicon for high-temperature and high output electronics. However, the industry does not really exist in the United States.

GE and SUNY Poly are partnering to commercialize silicon carbide power chips and to make them at the SUNY Poly campus in Albany.

GE and SUNY Poly executives said that it is possible that the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium, which is setting up a silicon carbide wafer manufacturing line, could one day need to build a free-standing factory nearby.

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