First Ever Excell Challenge Rewards Promising Business Concept with Access to Capital

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SYRACUSE, N.Y.—Excell Partners presented its first ever Excell Challenge award to a team from Syracuse University at the Pre-Seed Workshop that wrapped up earlier this month in Syracuse.

Excell Challenge recognized the workshop team with the best ability to turn a good idea into a compelling business concept. A team from Syracuse University won after successfully making the case for its patient monitoring technology.

The award comes with an optional seed money contribution up to $10,000 to pay for business acceleration services. Under the award’s terms, the contribution is considered a loan provided in the form of a convertible debt. Excell Challenge winners are also eligible to receive Excell’s early-stage venture funding.

“We see a lot of new technologies and exciting research coming out of universities in Upstate New York, but not enough support in the pre-seed space to meet demand,” said Rami Katz, COO for Excell Partners. “Through Pre-Seed Workshop and Excell funding, we can reduce the lag between each stage to accelerate business growth.” 

Excell Partners, a state-supported seed fund, created the Excell Challenge as an avenue to support the commercial success of promising companies coming out of Pre-Seed Workshop­—a program that rallies community talent and resources to examine and transform high tech business ideas into pre-seed stage companies.

“Pre-Seed Workshop is a very cost-effective method for vetting a number of technologies in a short period of time,” said Katz, who provided feedback on an expert panel during last week’s workshop in Syracuse.

“The Excell Challenge is an excellent opportunity, and provides a much-needed launching point for teams that actively want to pursue commercialization of their technology,” said Heather Erickson, president of MedTech.

Pre-Seed Workshops are held throughout the year at various host-city locations across New York state. Earlier this month, MedTech and The Tech Garden hosted teams from Binghamton University, Clarkson University, Syracuse University and Upstate Medical University.  


Excell Partners is a unique, regional economic development partnership established in cooperation with the University of Rochester and the State of New York to manage a state-supported fund which provides pre-seed and seed stage financing to high-tech start-up companies in Upstate New York. The fund’s mission is to support regional economic development by bridging the pre-seed and seed stage funding gap in Upstate New York while generating sufficient returns so that, over time, the fund becomes self-sustaining. Learn more at


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