Corning Inc. CEO among those who left Trump manufacturing council

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Source: Spectrum News

CORNING, N.Y. -- President Trump has now dissolved his manufacturing council in the wake of multiple CEOs stepping down.

The resignations came in succession earlier this week following his comments on Charlottesville.

Corning Inc. CEO Wendell Weeks was among the business executives to leave the post.

Weeks said he was originally part of the commission so he could follow the company's mission of innovation, manufacturing leadership and job creation.

But in a statement to employees Wednesday, he called the displays of hatred and racism reprehensible.

He said, "Corning will continue to have a zero tolerance policy toward racism, bigotry, and discrimination. And we will continue to create work environments and communities that are inclusive, because we know that diversity enriches all of us."

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