Business Journal News Network: MedTech Teams up with NY BioHud Valley to Develop State’s Bio/Med Industry

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Source: Cluster Mapping

MedTech Association, a Syracuse–based bioscience and medical-technology (bio/med) trade association for New York firms, has announced a new partnership with a similar downstate organization. The association will team up with NY BioHud Valley to “further develop” the bio/med industry statewide, MedTech announced in a news release issued Monday. NY BioHud Valley is a cluster-development initiative that Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. formed to establish the Hudson Valley corridor as a “global leader” in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical-device industries, according to the news release. Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp. and NY BioHud Valley are located in New Windsor in Orange County, according to their websites. The organizations will coordinate advocacy interests for state and federal priorities, cross-promote efforts to expand awareness of the industry, and involve each other in future programming, specifically in the Capital Region and the downstate area.

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