BioVenture Luncheon Event Explores Implantable Devices

Friday, February 19, 2010

ROCHESTER, NY—More than 60 business professionals attended the BioVenture Luncheon Series: Implantable Medical Devices last Wednesday in Rochester. The luncheon offered an opportunity for early-stage companies, medical device inventors and medical researchers to engage in a dialogue around the inventing, designing and manufacturing of implantable devices.

Implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers, stents and orthopedic implants, are driving the growth of a $25+ billion medical device market in the U. S. With more than 60 attendees, the event was at maximum capacity, driven by the market’s business potential. 

"There is a growing number of people who need joint replacements, heart rhythm management and chronic pain alleviation,” said Mike Riedlinger, Manager of the Rochester BioVenture Center. "Implantable medical devices are forecast for high market growth and offer high potential to improve the quality of life for this aging population that suffers from many different health issues.”

The event featured three expert panelists: Mauricio Arellano, Senior Vice President of Cardiac and Neurology at Greatbatch Medical; David Glocker, President of Isoflux Incorporated; and Youti Kuo, Director and Intellectual Property Consultant with PharmaNova, Inc. They described their companies’ specialized devices and manufacturing technologies, along with background on invention and device development, followed by a question and discussion session with the attendees about the challenges of developing implantable devices.

As one of the key issues of the event, the presenters addressed the invention of combination devices for drug delivery and other diagnostic and therapeutic applications. “An increasing number of implantable medical devices are being designed with combinations of capabilities that include structural elements, extended and controlled drug-delivery, and electronic monitoring of the device and patient conditions,” Riedlinger said. “This combination approach is likely to be a trend for emerging devices”.

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