Biotechnology STEMs into Rensselaer Elementary School

Friday, October 21, 2016

Source: WNYT

Regeneron has 418 job openings listed on its website. While most of those will be gone by the time elementary school students enter the workforce, the company says it's never too early to start recruiting. Last week, they went to Red Mill Elementary School to meet with fourth and fifth graders.

"I think it gets kids excited about science," explained Sean Conway with Regeneron. "I think to some kids, science is kind of an abstract concept. so we're able to come in, do some hands on experiments with them and get them interested in asking questions."

They made a simple circuit battery using vinegar, nails and copper wire.

"I learned that you can make light with just stuff you can find in your house and in the kitchen," pointed out Jayden Morse, a student.

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