Baxter Social Responsibility Initiatives Receive Recognition

Friday, April 15, 2016

Source: Daily Herald

DEERFIELD -- Baxter International and the Baxter International Foundation, the company's philanthropic arm, continued to advance access to health care through a recent collaboration with World Vision India to develop a mobile health application.

In addition, Baxter and its foundation made financial and in-kind donations valued at nearly $25 million in 2015 to create lasting social, environmental and economic value for all stakeholders, including the communities in which its employees live and work.

In conjunction with Bangalore's Health Department and World Vision India, the Baxter International Foundation launched Sisu Janani Seva, also known as "mHealth," which is a mobile health application that enables staff to better monitor the health status of underprivileged women, during and post pregnancy, and the immunization of children ages two and under. Through the app's video and audio features, the staff can provide essential health care information and counseling to women on an ongoing basis, thereby reducing possible health risks to the mother and baby. The mothers also receive counseling messages with multimedia features through the app, in addition to other vital health care information.

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