Arizona Hospital Purchases Seven Portable and Room-Based Digital X-ray Systems from Carestream

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yavapai Regional Medical Center (Prescott, Ariz.) purchased five CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems and two CARESTREAM DRX- Evolution rooms to convert its hospital from computed radiography to wireless digital radiography. The 135-bed hospital conducted a thorough evaluation of systems from four suppliers prior to selecting Carestream as its supplier of choice. Two DRX-Revolutions will be located at its YRMC East Campus Hospital, a 50-bed facility.

“Converting from CR to DR represents a major investment in technology so it was imperative that we select systems offering excellent image quality, rapid image access and a streamlined imaging workflow,” said Mary Sterling, the hospital’s Imaging Director. “Carestream’s DRX imaging systems exceeded our expectations in these areas and enabled us to set new exposure techniques that can reduce dose while delivering excellent image quality.”

In addition to offering wireless access to images in seconds, the DRX-Revolution systems display each patient’s previous image for technologists to review along with the current image. Since each DRX-Revolution can access the hospital’s RIS (radiology information system), technologists can complete the study while they are at the patient’s bedside. This capability makes images immediately available for quick transfer to a PACS for review by physicians and radiologists, she added. 

“Many physicians rely on X-ray exams to make discharge decisions. So enabling physicians with quick access to reviewing images on a PACS images helps contribute to a shorter length of stay for many of our patients,” she explained.

A DRX detector is shared between one DRX-Revolution and one of the hospital’s fluoroscopy rooms. “It’s a tremendous advantage to be able to use any DRX detector in any DRX system and we appreciate the flexibility this provides,” Sterling reports. “In addition to cassette-size DRX detectors, we also use a smaller DRX detector (25 x 30 cm) in the ER since it makes positioning easier for severely ill or injured patients.”

One DRX-Evolution DR Room is equipped with a floor rail for the wall stand that enables technologists to quickly and easily move the stand’s detector into position for cross-table lateral exams—while simultaneously streamlining the capture of all types of imaging studies. A second DRX-Evolution room is currently being installed. Both DR rooms serve the radiology department.

Carestream offers fully featured room-based and mobile DRX imaging systems that equip healthcare providers to easily and affordably upgrade existing film or CR systems to DR. Carestream’s X-Factor design offers flexibility and redundancy by enabling each DRX detector to work with all other DRX systems within a provider’s environment. 

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