Sparton Corporation

5 years ago

Tell us about your organization and your current initiatives: 

  • Become an extension of medical device companies and researchers to launch “first of kind” medical products that will ultimately streamline healthcare as we know it.

What role does your organization play in the bio/med industry? What sets you apart? 

  • We are a strategic partner for those looking for contract development and manufacturing services for capital equipment which drives a consumable to either diagnose or treat our customer’s patients.   We are set apart on the successful medical products that we have commercialized over the last two decades all over the world and most importantly have a made a difference for patients.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the bio/med industry today? 

  • Actually, we see more opportunities being born from R&D compared to the last two decades and the regulatory landscape becoming harmonized to help fast-track such needed medical technologies.

What is in the upcoming pipeline for your organization? Where is your focus? 

  • On behalf of our customer’s technologies, we are seeing growth in applications for personalized medicine for diagnostics, POC biomarker technologies, and treatment devices which treat chronic illnesses that are companioned to the pharmaceutical industry.  Our focus remains on developing and manufacturing medical technologies which require precision fluidics, robotics, optics, and thermally controlled systems requiring worldwide delivery to hospitals, acute care facilities, doctor’s offices and home health.