PEKO Precision Products

5 years ago

For this Member Spotlight Q&A, we were able to talk with PEKO Precision Products. PEKO, located in Rochester, NY, is a "World Class Contract Manufacturer." They offer other services such as product development and prototype design, precision parts manufacturing, and contract manufacturing. Learn more about PEKO here. This is what PEKO had to say:

Tell us about your organization and your current initiatives:

  • PEKO is a full-service contract manufacturer of machinery, equipment and devices with over 50 years of experience in the industry.  We seek to become the most trusted contract manufacturing partner for industry leaders. 
  • We’re proud to have always sustained a domestic American workforce, and we are eager to continue these domestic pursuits as we turn to more environmentally conscious practices.  We understand that the future of our people and environment work congruently so in 2019 our most important initiative is to move our company to more environmentally sustainable practices.  This will ensure the health and well-being of our people and our environment for years to come.
  • Another important initiative for PEKO is increasing our apprenticeships.  As we look towards the future we can foresee the gaps of future generations entering the manufacturing workforce and aim to try to fill these gaps with students eager to enter the manufacturing industry.  We are happy to welcome students across all areas of studies to train them into the intricacies of the manufacturing industry.

What role does your organization play in the bio/med industry?  What sets you apart?

  • For medical and bio focused OEMs, PEKO builds our customers’ newest technology such as imaging, diagnostics and assessment devices.  PEKO is differentiated by offering owners and program stakeholders a place to refine and commercialize designs by combining NPI engineering for onboarding new products and Contract Manufacturing at full rate production.  From Innovation to Preparation to Replication.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the bio/med industry today?

  • Program Stakeholders are faced with limited engineering resources that are focused solely on the new technology, the local fab shops are overwhelmed, the manufacturing group is a handful of technicians in an R&D space and there’s no desire to spend millions to build a manufacturing plant.  When it comes time to seek out a contract manufacturer many won’t talk to companies unless they already have a full and complete manufacturing documentation package with a mature design.  Many of these contract manufacturers also have no interest in prototyping.  However, this is where we see PEKO stepping up to the plate to fill in these gaps.  We are always ready to assist our OEM customers with their documentation packages and designs, while we vet the technology through prototyping.

What is in the upcoming pipeline for your organization?  Where is your focus?

  • Latest technologies in our pipeline are Diagnostic Devices, Medical Imagining, and Assay Automation.  Our focus is ensuring our OEM customers can bring the newest technologies to life and repeatably while measuring regulatory requirements specific to the medical industry.