"Through MedTech we’ve been able to stay up-to-date on issues and challenges facing device manufacturers, and while doing so, actually form lasting relationships with MedTech members. What I find most remarkable is the fact that many companies in MedTech are competing with each other in the real world, but then through MedTech they’re collaborating, sharing ideas and discussing issues they’re facing."

Amy Castronova

President Novatek Communications

MedTech has been a supportive resource for the clients we serve. For instance, through our involvement in the Incubator+plus Program we are able to offer our CNYBAC clients no-cost membership to MedTech. For early start-ups that have limited funding where membership may not have been feasible, this gives them a wealth of resource contacts and opportunities to find new employees through the job board and cost savings through the Member Advantage program as well as member discounts to MedTech events.

Kathi Durdon

Director of Operations and Innovation Partnerships CNY Biotech Accelerator

“MedTech's resources and events have proven invaluable. They have provided Raland Therapeutics with critical business connections, one of which resulted in our $500K win at the 43North Competition. We would have never pursued the competition if not for the connections made through MedTech.”

Bill Rader

President & CEO Efferent Labs, Inc.

“MedTech is an invaluable relationship for Polymer Conversions. The MedTech association brings to us key relationships that have key technology capabilities and solutions for our clients. It brings to us world class experience and, again, those technology solutions. And those things help us bring real solutions to our customers, help us grow fluidly and efficiently.”

Ben Harp

Chief Operating Officer Polymer Conversions

“The value of MedTech is in connecting with people who may have deeper experience in the specific challenges the company may be facing, whether it’s protecting intellectual property, developing export registrations in markets overseas, or just figuring out a different way to analyze whether product will get to market and how to get it there more efficiently. There is a wealth of knowledge and advice that can be tapped into if you’re at the table with the right people and that’s what MedTech allows you to do.”

Dan Jonas

Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel CONMED

"I attended MedTech’s annual conference initially as a prospect of the Association and found the quality of programming and networking opportunities to be outstanding. Through interactions at the conference, I developed a relationship with industry supplier, Volpi, who I otherwise may not have known. Today, we are working on multiple projects together. Needless to say, I am now a member of MedTech and am consistently reminded of its unique value. My only regret – I wish we joined MedTech sooner!"

John Longuil

President & CEO FTT Manufacturing

“MedTech memberships provides direct access to industry peers from both startups and large traditional companies. I have been fortunate to establish valuable connections at MedTech events with fellow members, MPR Associates and Efferent Labs, both of whom have helped support my organization. The best thing about MedTech is that it provides an outlet to connect with companies that you wouldn’t necessarily have known about.”

Brian McIlroy

Executive Director of the Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics University at Buffalo