How Regeneron scaled its cloud to support millions of samples a year

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Presented By: Endpoints News
Wednesday, September 29, 2021
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Location: Webinar

In 2014, the Regeneron Genetics Center demonstrated how cloud infrastructure can rapidly transform a drug discovery program by enabling the generation, delivery and analysis of genetic results at unprecedented speeds. Six years and two orders of magnitude later, scale is no longer measured in numbers of samples but in the diversity of the RGC’s collaborator network, the successful programs of industry partners, and the unrealized opportunities of the world’s largest genetic resource.

A research ecosystem like the RGC demands an equally complex and flexible compute infrastructure. Internal target discovery programs leverage full-stack Enterprise Applications to browse, combine, and iterate data and results that drive novel insights like GPR75. Methods innovation in association testing (GloWGR) and variant identification (DeepVariant) requires interoperable platforms deploying best-in-class technology like Databricks and NVIDIA GPUs. Most critically, these data nucleate a hybrid industry/academic community that requires the RGC and its partner DNAnexus to manage hundreds of collaborators with a full spectrum of use cases, ensuring participant confidentiality through unparalleled international compliance, protecting partner IP through autonomous research and billing environments, and driving the value of genetic data through cost-efficient sharing of genetic data, tools, and results.

  • The evolution of RGC’s hybrid cloud computing model to support millions of samples per year
  • Expanding collaboration and funding models to include flexible bilateral, multi-party, and consortia to scale the partner network
  • Rapid deployment of custom cloud security environments for time-sensitive collaborations like COVID-19
  • Democratizing the data by avoiding preferencing labs with large on-premise infrastructure
  • Providing data management and analysis capabilities to accelerate RGC partner’s ability to work with the data generated by the RGC

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