RIT CQAS Training

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Green Belt Program

The RIT CQAS Green Belt training program is the entry level program of the Lean Six Sigma training program that includes active management participation, twelve (12) day Green Belt training, Green Belt project and certification. There is no prerequisite for entry into our Green Belt program.  The Green Belt training program is presented one day a week for consecutive twelve weeks. This program is led by a Lean Six Sigma expert instructor and will involve participants in extensive interactive training. Participants are also exposed in depth to each topic through classroom assignments and structured exercises within team environments.

Yellow Belt Program

During this interactive three day program, participants will begin in teams on specific work related problems using the first four phases of the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, and improve). The outcome will be a set of recommendations from each team on steps forward toward an improvement strategy for management’s consideration.

Black Belt Program

The RIT CQAS Black Belt training program is a keystone element of the Lean Six Sigma training program and builds upon the lessons learned through the prerequisite Green Belt training program. Each program participant is required to complete a Black Belt project that will continue beyond the training timeframe and directly benefit their corporation. On average, these Black Belt projects return $50,000 or more in value to the program participant’s corporation and provide an immediate return-on-investment that is exponentially larger than the training program’s expense.