Pre-Seed Workshop


Pre-Seed Workshop is a community event where teams build companies—not the physical structures, but the foundational plans. And it all happens in two days.

PSW is held in varous host city locations throughout New York State several times during the course of the year. MedTech, in partnership with CenterState CEO, has hosted the Syracuse Pre-Seed Workshop.


About Pre-Seed Workshop

Idea Champions are academic researchers that have patented inventions to vet through PSW.  MedTech works with the Idea Champion to assign highly-skilled professionals to each team. 

Teams: The team which conducts the analysis simulates a “real” start-up company with members who have diverse expertise in technology, business, finance, law, etc. Teams are led through eight modules and address 20 key questions related to:

1. The Technology: Do you have a proprietary product?
2. Technology to Market Map: To whom will you sell?
3. Market Need: Where is the pain?
4. Competition: Why will you win?
5. Business Model: How will you operate?
6. Revenue Potential: How big is this opportunity?

7. Management Team: You and what army?
8. Technology Status: What does the roadmap look like?

As teams address the issues, they generate a series of slides that forms a 15 minute presentation, delivered on the afternoon of the second day before a panel of experts, generally Angel or VC investors. These experts will provide feedback on 1) Do they have a business case, and 2) Is it an investable business case?

Community Integration: At the end of the workshop, teams walk away with vectors into the community. Those with high potential ideas are encouraged to take the next step and conduct an in-depth opportunity analysis, participate in “pitch fests”, UNYTech, business plan competitions, intensive entrepreneurship bootcamps, etc.

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