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Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology is a diverse and collaborative community of engaged, socially conscious, and intellectually curious minds. Through creativity and innovation, and an intentional blending of technology, the arts and design, we provide exceptional individuals with a wide range of academic opportunities, including a leading research program and an internationally recognized education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

RIT is well-known for its co-op program.  Cooperative education (co-op) at RIT is defined as full-time, paid work experience directly related to the student’s field of study and career interests. Co-op is designed to be a learning experience for the student as well as a productive work assignment for the employer. The experience should emphasize real-world tasks and responsibilities that grow with the student's increased knowledge, skills, and experiences.  Many academic degree programs require co-op experiences as part of the graduation requirements, while others have optional co-ops.

Our Gosnell School of Life sciences prepares the next generation of researchers, environmental scientists, computational biologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, and genomic data analysts. Whether it’s a cancer researcher developing a new vaccine or a biologist protecting our clean water, our students confront the toughest life science issues facing the world today and find solutions to them.

Some of the degree programs in the life sciences arena include:  Biology; Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience; Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry; and Chemical Engineering. The staff of the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education helps prepare students for co-ops and full-time jobs and works with employers to form strong recruiting partnerships with employers.  We are always looking to partner with employers who want to recruit candidates for co-op and/or full-time job opportunities and offer a variety of recruiting methods, including our Career Connect system powered by Symplicity; career fairs, information sessions, networking sessions, company days on campus and on-campus interviews.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more. 

Contact:  Annette Hickey,, 585-475-5466 or Kris Stehler,, 585-475-5468


Our recruiting database is called Career Connect powered by Symplicity:
RIT Career Connect  


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