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Dedicated to delivering innovative diagnostics. Committed to caring for children through telehealth. Passionate about providing evidence based therapy for neurodiverse individuals.

Quadrant Biosciences is a life sciences company with four core businesses: As You Are, Autism Analytica, Frazier Behavioral Health, and Quadrant Laboratories.

As You Are ™ is a virtual clinic with a team of physicians trained to conduct evaluations for autism. As You Are equips parents with the knowledge they need to help their children flourish.

Quadrant Laboratories is focused on improving lives through the development of more accurate and timely diagnostics for large-scale health concerns such as COVID-19, autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and mild traumatic brain injury.

Frazier Behavioral Health ™ provides evidence-based treatment and teaching for interventions in practical social behavior techniques to help families live their best lives.

Autism Analytica focuses on enhancing early identification of Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), tailoring intervention or therapy options, and monitoring progress to optimize or pivot care options leading to successful outcomes.


If you are interested in interning with Quadrant Biosciences or in partnering with our internship program, please reach out to HR@Quadrantbiosciences.com. For internship applications, please include a resume with your email.